Welcome to the SMASH world.

This is the space of the digital magazine of the Workshop of Comic and Graphic Expression. Notes and fictions of students are contained in these pages .

The magazine is produced , written and designed by me, and that makes time between editions very unpredictable. Each number is arduous and happy work. All this work is for share what we do in the Workshop and create a great way to learn from the critics.

I hope you enjoy the editions and that we always count with your eyeballs and your support.

In addition to the digital magazine there are other spaces as SMASHTV, SMASHRADIO and annual events like SMASHCON and SMASHEXPO . These spaces are in the process of continuous construction and will be released in due time.

Marcelo J. Dayer de Zehnder Professor of TDCEG and SMASH Chieff editor Go to enjoy our magazine ! www.deviantart.com/mdayer www.ilustra.org/user/mdayer

It´s a place to learn how to build sequential static graphic fictions (comic, manga, graphic novel, comicstrips, etc) . Individual classes and a cool system  of learning as we make the pages of your comic.

You can join our community attendees who edit and produce SMASH or be a  SPONSOR paying a fee to contribute to print and publish the magazine in paper. If you want that send your e-mail and I will contact you to answer your questions and explain everything around these concepts.

AN EXPERIENCE OF THE COMIC WORKSHOP Publish in “Experimento 0” and Smash Magazine

The Workshop of Comic and Graphic Expression -TDCEG spanish acronym - (www.tallerdecomic.com) has his process of learning based on the idea of ​​building a fiction, in the form of graphic static sequential fiction  (comic, manga, grphic novel, etc.), to understand illustration and build a strong and concise narrative universe and storyline. To achieve this goal the proposal is create the "comic" to be published in a space of contact with the world: SMASH MAGAZINE.

The magazine gives the opportunity of not only share the material, it is a space for reflection and a medium-term goal to understand the concept of editorial publications (magazines in this case). A first portfolio for the apprentice who, in many cases, find one day becoming professional craft of sequential static graphics, or multimedia fiction, with no real experience.

SMASH MAGAZINE raises deadlines, specific obligations for each trainee and the ability to understand how the world of secuecnial art works. An experiential actual work in an accessible and homey scale.

Over time I hope to make this a more robust and full of possibilities publication for all levels of professional practice related to this segment of the entertainment.

The magazine is not only designed for learners of TDCEG, it is also a space for the orderly and contextual sequential publication of any static graphic fiction (in any format of production). While at the moment it's just a web publication, will be released soon as a printed version for free distribution in order to reach more eyeballs and set in motion a wheel that encourages trade between its actors.

If you're an illustrator and want to share your work or you have a graphic novel and want to publish in the journal, contact using the “contact” section of this site. The content will be reviewed and, if it is within the parameters of the journal editorial view, will be published in the next issue of the magazine.

In addition, anyone who wants can join TDCEG guide. This guide publish the data and artist's portfolio. This is to help this artist´s to reach its field of action. If you are screenwriter, script editor or illustration, pencils, inks, color, lettering designer, publisher, designer, layout designer, sculptor, 2D and 3D animator, etc. On this basis all the areas of action for the production of static graphics sequential fictions and products derived from them are concentrated in this “guide”. A neat way to promote these trades and create a platform for building multimedia oriented working groups and fiction entertainment in general.

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